I am located in North San Diego County and buy, sell and appraise historical, military collectibles throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties. One of my goals is to, whenever possible, preserve the legacy of veterans by keeping their uniforms, medals, documents etc. together as one group instead of being sold off in pieces. In years past militaria was often just collected for the "bling" factor with shiny wings and medals being attractive for their own sake. But now, collectors increasingly want to know about the man or woman who earned those wings and medals, who wore the uniforms in service to their country. These collectors preserve history by keeping an individual veteran's artifacts in one group and will even spend money to get old military records so they can be sure the veteran's old uniforms have the correct insignia, medals and ribbons for their service.

Granted, not all situations lend themselves to this kind of thing, but before you split up a veteran's historical legacy, give me a call first and let's see how we can work together to preserve it.

Of course, I am always interested too in items that have no identifiable history, even some things that might at first glance seem like candidates for the trash can.

I have worked with several estate sale operators in valuing and buying out militaria and make free house calls from Chula Vista to Sun City when you need help identifying or selling militaria, including knives and swords from all countries.

I grew up a Navy brat, spent some time in the Civil Air Patrol and Air Force, worked for members of the US Senate and House Armed Service Committees, served as Vice President for Military Affairs for the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce and researched and wrote on militaria affairs at the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research. I am the co-founder of the US Militaria Forum, with over 20,000 members it is the world's largest online discussion and research forum exclusively for collectors of US militaria.

You can contact me by phone or text at: 760-450-8498. You can also text photos to that number.